My mission is to render impeccable services to my clientelle of all ages and exceed their every expectation while incorporating all aspects of my business.


My vision is to eventually be on the big stage and cater to concert venues, celebrities, professional sports teams, etc. I see myself producing music and assisting and collaborating with current and future artists to meet a common goal.


Wesley Kliwinski aka WESSY WES did not want to always work in the entertainment industry. Strangely, he made his decision while serving his country in the US Air Force overseas fighting the war on terrorism. While away from home for 7 months, Wes had plenty of time to think about his life and his passion(s) and he ultimately decided that music was his life. Using a simple iPod application, Wessy Wes gained basic knowledge on beatmatching, remixing, etc. Once Wes returned home from his deployment, he hit the ground running and registered himself as an LLC. Two months later, he purchased his DJ equipment and attained his first, and most important asset of his business.

Wessy Wes's friends have played a very important role in his current success. If it wasn't for the people he knew, DJ's, promoters, big hitters in the industry, ect., he would still be at the beginning stages. Wessy Wes would like to thank all of those who have supported him and continue to support him in acheiving success!



Wessy Wes Entertainment
3 Seneca Lane, Hamilton Square, NJ
Phone : 609-575-7560
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